Heather MacKenzie Consulting is a government relations and lobby firm specialized in advocating for socially and environmentally responsible initiatives. With concrete experience in both party politics as well as municipal government, Heather is able to liaise and help you connect with the current provincial and federal governments as well as Edmonton City Council. Her company will distill your key messages and translate them into language and priorities that resonate with the current elected officials and their staff in order to help your initiatives move forward.

Strategic Counsel & Research

  • Developing comprehensive government relations plans
  • Honing your key messages and ‘asks’ for government officials
  • Monitoring and researching government affairs specific to your interests

Advocacy & Communication

  • Acting as your liaison with government and ensuring government follows through on their commitments
  • Organizing and facilitating meetings and events with officials and senior staff
  • Petitioning government to prioritize your issues and create policies that support your work
  • Preparing effective proposals, presentations, and other communication tools

Navigation & Interpretation

  • Building your capacity to understand and interact with government
  • Reviewing and advising on your government relations and lobby approach
  • Identifying opportunities for your organization to grow and thrive with government supports
  • Clarifying and explaining government decisions, policies and programs
Heather brings an industrious and ethical approach to government relations consulting that can serve as a real advantage to your organization.”
— John Ashton, Political Organizer and Former Colleague

Heather MacKenzie Consulting can provide you with affordable ongoing monthly retainer packages or strategic counsel on a sliding hourly rate.

Contact Heather for a free consultation on how she can best support you today.