It has been 10 years since the child-first policy called Jordan's Principle was passed unanimously in the House of Commons. Two years since it was adopted as the third call to action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It was only this summer Alberta announced...

Editorial Team

Samantha Power

Journalist Samantha Power is a prolific writer, editor and researcher who has worked in Albertan independent media for over 10 years. With an eye to issues of social and environmental justice, her research into the inner-workings of the Government of Alberta is extremely well suited to Heather MacKenzie Consulting clients.

Jeff Samsonow

Jeff is publisher of new online magazine Edmonton Quotient, which focuses on Edmonton news, urban planning and local business. Jeff’s also been a director of the Strathcona Community League for the last decade, helping create a voice for neighbours on local planning and municipal engagement.