Heather MacKenzie Consulting is committed to transparent and ethical lobbying for socially and environmentally responsible clients. As such, you will find all of our current clients listed on the Alberta Government Lobbyist Registry ( The information below is available to the public, as well as all elected officials and their staff.

Right at Home Housing Society

Lobbying for financial supports for services to aid residents in transitioning from homelessness, as well as capital funding for a number of non-market affordable housing projects.

Techfibre Industries

Lobbying to secure financial supports for scale up and acceleration of new biocomposite manufacturing businesses.

Christenson Communities

Lobbying for more wrap around health and wellness supports, thereby developing more complete communities. Specifically, focused on additional homecare and dementia care funding.

Arts Habitat Edmonton

Lobbying to secure capital funding from the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada for the Artists Quarters podium in Edmonton.

Organic Alberta

Lobbying for the Government of Alberta to pass the Local Food Act and the associated organic food regulations.


Lobbying to update the Rural Utilities Act and other related legislation with amendments that will support the sustainability and viability of Rural Electrification Associations.

LearnerVerified (Yardstick)

Lobbying to make learner verification/authentication an online learning/certification standard within Albertan electronic certification & learning processes.

Child Friendly Housing Coalition of Alberta

The CFHCA and Heather MacKenzie Consulting were successful in their lobby to end adult-only rental and new condo units in Alberta, Jan 1, 2018. They continue to lobby to have the regulations within the Alberta Human Rights Act amended to reduce or eliminate the 15 year grandfathering period that existing condos have been granted to continue discriminating against the rights of children and their caregivers to housing.